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  1. My family and I love your video’s. You are very talented young people. I hope to have you come to southern Colorado sometime so we can meet in person and hear you sing. God bless and keep the video’s coming.

  2. You are all God gifted singers. May His blessings continue to flow in each of your lives as you serve and glorify our Savior and Lord.

  3. All I can say right now is “Amazing”
    “Inspirational” “Remarkable ”
    As I sat in my living room this Monday morning, I came across a post from a friend. I rarely listen. But i seen these these precious faces and had to listen ! It was the Amazing Grace video…. There were tears running down my cheeks…. I had to hear more… Thank you soo much for sending encouragement & love not only through your music, but with your heart for God and beautiful smiles! I am truly blessed !!

  4. Enjoy your talent very much. Keep up the good work of the Lord. If you are ever in Missouri contact me, would love to have you visit our Baptist Church.

  5. I love your harmony. I am not from the south. Well I was born in KY but raised in OH. I’ve lost all my twang but I love to hear you-al speak and your Christian roots. Perfect combo for me. I was in Ashville last fall and will be in SC, Edisto in June and SoCal next month. I will keep my eye out for you kids. I have grand kids your age. I’ll see it I can grow some fans

  6. Great Singing Keep It Up ,I Really Enjoyed Listen To You . And Am Sure Jesus Does Too ,Hey He Said Make A Joyful Noise You Guys Are Doing Just That A Fine Job!!!!

  7. I REALLY love your music and what voices you have! I would very much like to see a video of you guys singing my favorite song: How Great Thou Art…..God Bless You!

  8. You guys are absolutely AMAZING!!! I am so proud to call you brother and sisters. I have a twin sister who is also a believer, and an older brother, unfortunately we are unable to harmonize quite as well as you folks can. Keep worshiping Him with all your heart, mind soul and strength… He will take care of the rest! Love and admiration, your brother in Him -Chris

  9. I love your music. If you ever make it to Tucson, Arizona, I know you’ll have fun in the sun.

  10. I ‘found’ y’all via a friend’s post on Facebook. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your talents. I pray that our Lord will continue to use y’all for His glory, and that your music… your incredible voices… continue to draw folks’ attention to Him.

  11. Love your voices!! I pray each of you will live Christian lives in front of all the teens that you come in contact will. You have such an_opportunity to reach them!!!! Thank you!!!!

  12. I love your song, I would like to understand beter tthe English but our Savior can because He is the best. If you came to Brazil you must to write me.

  13. I love listing to U 3 singing all the Good songs including the Little Drummer Boy. Also the Lords Prayer. Now that was FANTASTIC! :-) Thank U all 3.

  14. I’m 64 years old and have always loved good harmony when it comes to music. Your voices are spot on and if you ever visit Canada (Just north of Toronto) I’l love to hear you live. Keep up the wonderful music and i will be purchasing your Christmas music. Thank you and keep the harmony in the air.—Kirk

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